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  • Excel like a Pro AR Finance Room -
    Learn MS Excel with our best seller certification course. The course is tailor made for students as well as working professionals looking to enhance their efficiency by learning this indispensable requirement of the corporate world.
    102 Lessons 09:14:37 Hours English Advanced
    ₹650 ₹1000
    7 Ratings
  • Investment Banking AR Finance Room -
    Do you want to break into investment banking? Have you ever wondered how is the share price of a company computed? If your answer is yes, then this course is for you ! This course builds your base on MS Excel and then leverages the knowledge to build comprehensive financial models from scratch based on FAST standards on financial modelling. Then the course will take you on a journey through Valuations and you will learn how to compute the valuation of a company.
    195 Lessons 48:27:29 Hours English Intermediate
    ₹10000 ₹18000
    1 Ratings
  • Stock Trading & Derivatives AR Finance Room -
    Learn how to invest in stocks by analysing the market trends. Learn different charts and indicators that you can use to invest at the right time and make big profits.
    28 Lessons 07:25:44 Hours English Beginner
    ₹999 ₹5000
    0 Ratings
  • Data Visualisation with Power BI AR Finance Room -
    Master the art of making powerful and interactive dashboards with Microsoft Power BI
    96 Lessons 09:28:39 Hours English Intermediate
    ₹699 ₹3000
    0 Ratings